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Summertime in Miami

Preferably, visiting South Florida should be done during the months of November to early March. The cool breezes from the West Indies waft over the coasts of Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach making for pleasant weather both night and day. While the summer months are not ideal, if you are looking for deals then Miami is always a possibility.

In Miami/Fort Lauderdale, tourists generally spend most of their time in one or more of the beach areas - Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Hallandale, North Miami Beach, North Beach, or South Beach. Also, downtown Miami has a number of attractions available for the first time tourist.

This post focuses on two particular areas - Bayfront in Downtown Miami and Lincoln Road in Miami Beach. So, lets start with Bayfront.


For many locals, and probably tourists, Bayfront could be considered as a tourist trap destination. It is an outside shopping center with a mix of restaurants, souvenir stores, and more souvenir stores, There is a Hard Rock Cafe and a relatively new Ferris Wheel. Our team member was there on a weekday and it was still relatively busy. So, why do we recommend spending time at Bayfront?

Bayfront still has a lively feel to it. There are some nice opportunities to take photos with parrots/macaws, snakes (if you like that type of thing), sit on the terrace area and look out onto the boats docked next to the center. It is also a good place to pick up tourist trinkets. You know, Miami branded phone cases, t-shirts, hats, and other things to waste money on. Actually, wasting money on vacation is an integral part of enjoying the vacation.

We recommend eating somewhere else and then going to Bayfront for the afternoon for about one to two hours including time to enjoy an afternoon coffee or a juice drink.

Lincoln Road

Lincoln Road could be considered the heart of Miami Beach.

As the name suggests, Lincoln Road is a street. But, for a number of years, Lincoln Road has been a pedestrian-only street with no car traffic permitted. The road is a mix of restaurants, shops, theaters, and offices. Miami Beach itself has no indoor shopping malls. The closet indoor shopping mall used be the Omni Mall in Miami but that closed in the early 1990s. So, Lincoln Road acts as the shopping center of Miami Beach in contrast to Ocean Drive being bars and restaurants and Washington Avenue being where most of the nightclubs are located.

Lincoln Road has some great places to eat, including American, Cuban, South American, and Sushi. There are also a number of art galleries including a store owned by Britto and a Taschen bookstore. The old Burdines store is now a Macys and other well-known stores, including Zara, H and M, and others.

Our Recommendation: Lincoln Road is beautiful in the evening. We recommend going there about an hour or two before sunset and stroll around before getting dinner after which some time at an ice cream or cake shop is recommended. We anticipate that you will spend anywhere from two to four hours at this highlight of Miami Beach.


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