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Singapore - Land of the Merlion Part 2

Whenever anyone goes on a vacation, one of the highlights is the food. It is a core need for the majority of people - the desire to enjoy good food And, Singapore provides a great opportunity to do just that! Singapore is primarily made up of three ethnic groups - Chinese, Indian, and Malay. In addition, there are various religious groups including Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, and Christian. All of these has created an opportunity to try a wide variety of foods.

While great food can be found all around the city, the ethnic enclaves allow you to focus on a particular type of food. There is China Town, Little India, and Arab Street. In addition, there are some pretty awesome shopping mall food courts to boot. During our last trip to Singapore, we tried several places at the Marina Bay Shopping Center. One day was Chinese with a focus on stingray while another day was Indian.

When in Singapore, you have to try some of the specialties of the city. This includes chicken satay (similar to kebabs but on a stick) and chili crab (courtesy of Palm Beach Restaurant).

Enjoy the photos and think about Singapore for your next vacation.


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