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San Francisco to London

One European. One American. One with cricket and rugby. The other with the 49ers and the Giants. One way to create a memorable vacation is to visit contrasting locations that can provide you with very different experiences to shops, foods, cultural experiences, hotels, and even weather.

San Francisco is still a great city to visit. China Town, Japan Town, the San Francisco Pier area, Little Italy are uniquely San Francisco. A two to three day trip provides plenty of time to see the city and to enjoy the cool bay area weather. Just remember to bring a jacket because the nights do get a bit chilly!

London, once the center of the world, provides a ton of opportunities for a three day trip. On this trip, we had the chance to spend time attending a West End play, some time on Oxford Street, Soho, and visiting the National Portrait Gallery.

If you want to pair different locales and create a unique trip, contact us today.


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