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Food, Glorious Food

Everybody (well nearly everybody) loves to eat.  And, one of the most important parts of any vacation is the joy of experiencing food.  This rule applies whether on a plane, on a cruise, at a resort, or visiting a foreign country.  WARNING: Some of the images may make you want to hunger for food or travel!


Fish and chips in London!  When the chips are just crispy enough, the cod is battered right, and the tarter sauce and vinegar serve their job as perfect condiments, nothing can go wrong. (Image above). 

Sometimes room service is just as good as the hotel buffet.  That was the case at the Fairmont - Nile City in Cairo.  Two orders of the continental breakfast was plenty for a family. (Left image).


Lamb biryani is great, but is even more impressive when its baked within a naan-type pie config for lunch in Dubai. (Image above).


New York City has every type of food you can think of.  Here is a night out at a Japanese restaurant just north of Times Square. (Image above).

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